SSC GD 2024 Reasoning Marathon – SSC GD Bharti Preparation

SSC GD 2024 Reasoning Marathon – A “Reasoning Marathon” can be an intensive and systematic approach to mastering the reasoning section of the SSC GD 2024 exam. Here’s a structured plan for your reasoning marathon:

SSC GD 2024 Reasoning Marathon

Day 1: Introduction to Reasoning

  • Understand the types of questions asked in the reasoning section.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different topics such as analogies, classification, series, coding-decoding, etc.

Day 2-3: Analogies and Classification

  • Study the concept of analogies and practice identifying relationships between words.
  • Learn about different types of classifications and practice categorizing items based on given criteria.

Day 4-5: Series and Coding-Decoding

  • Understand the various patterns in number, letter, and figure series.
  • Learn different coding-decoding techniques and practice decoding words and phrases.

Day 6-7: Direction Sense and Blood Relations

  • Study the basics of direction sense and practice solving problems related to directions.
  • Understand the concepts of blood relations and practice solving family tree-based questions.

Day 8-9: Order and Ranking and Seating Arrangement

  • Learn about order and ranking concepts and practice arranging items/people in a sequence based on given conditions.
  • Understand different types of seating arrangements and practice solving problems involving seating arrangements.

Day 10-11: Syllogism and Logical Reasoning

  • Study the basics of syllogism and practice solving categorical and analytical syllogism questions.
  • Understand logical reasoning concepts such as assumptions, arguments, and conclusions, and practice solving related questions.

Day 12-13: Data Sufficiency and Critical Reasoning

  • Learn about data sufficiency and practice solving problems where you need to determine if given data is sufficient to answer a question.
  • Understand critical reasoning concepts and practice solving problems involving strengthening/weakening arguments, identifying assumptions, etc.

Day 14-15: Mock Tests and Revision

  • Take full-length mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas of improvement.
  • Revise all topics covered during the marathon and practice additional questions.
  • Analyze your performance and focus on strengthening your weak areas.

SSC GD 2024 Reasoning Marathon

Throughout the marathon, make sure to solve a variety of practice questions, refer to study materials and previous year question papers, and track your progress regularly. Additionally, take short breaks between study sessions to avoid burnout and stay motivated. Good luck with your reasoning marathon for the SSC GD 2024 exam!

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